My Renewed Effort to Get Fit and Blog More

A little over a year ago, I wrote a blog post as a long-overdue update to a previous blog post sharing my desire to get fit again. Unfortunately, I did not get around to making it a public post. Here's what I said in that May 26, 2016 unpublished private post

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Yards Park is a Spectacular Hangout Spot

Yesterday, my wife and I had lunch at Yards Park in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood of Southeast Washington, DC. Yards Park is a spectacular part of the riverfront area. I love the scenic views of the Anacostia River, the charming boardwalk, modern sky bridge, serene water fountain and shallow pool, the sprawling green grass, and the numerous sitting areas and spots for recreation and performances.

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Big Changes for DC Metrorail System

The Metrorail service in the national capital area is beneficial to the region when the train rides are affordable, reliable, and safe—the latter obviously is absolutely crucial. However, there has been criticism over service breakdowns, delays, and safety issues. In fact, safety lapses have led to a major change regarding how authorities will work to keep the rail service safe.

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Tour Introduces New ‘Urban Microcar’

A series of local events are being held across the U.S. to introduce a newly-styled "urban microcar." The car brand, smart (brand uses all lower case letters) is on a national tour that presents its all-new 2016 smart fortwo (words are intentionally combined) model lineup to locals in several major cities.

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Oculto Beer Brand is about Mystery

Oculto is a new craft beer brand that might be intriguing to some beer drinkers. The tequila-flavored beer is made by Anheuser-Busch, and the bottle sports an edgy label that’s unique and memorable. Its label has a white skull, transparent lettering stretched across the skull’s forehead, two piercing eyes that become more striking when the bottle is cold, and a diamond symbol that’s between the skull’s arched eyebrows.

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Longer Life from Peanut Consumption

I occasionally have an urge to snack on walnuts, cashews, pistachios, almonds, and other nuts. However, sometimes I refrain from buying them, because the prices seem expensive relative to other snacks. I have developed a propensity towards frugality in some respects. I tend to want to buy generic and cheap items, and that often irks my wife.

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