Create Digital Art with this Cool Drawing App

I have been getting acquainted with a drawing app that I believe will help me create more artwork and transition from traditional drawing to digitally sketched artwork. I am used to creating doodles and sketches on notepads and on miscellaneous pieces of paper that I find in my home. Over the years, I never really maintained or organized my illustrations. Consequently, I lost, damaged, and discarded a lot of my drawings.

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Google Cloud Spin Demo at Google Developer Group Event

Earlier this week, I was fortunate to be able to take part in an exciting technology demonstration. I attended a Google Developer Group (GDG-DC) event that included an overview of the Google Cloud Platform—a platform for developing applications and websites. The event featured an interactive demonstration of the Google Cloud Spin application which runs on the platform.

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Have You Noticed the Tweets in Your Google Mobile Searches?

Your web searches on Google are more contemporaneously relevant thanks to a new arrangement between Google and Twitter that provides you with better search results. If you grab your mobile phone and do a quick Google search, you might notice your results include a horizontally-displayed feed of tweets related to that search.

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Tour: Enterprises Should Be Mobile & Work Social

here is a nationwide tour that highlights the importance of being mobile and working social. The awareness effort is called “Be Mobile Work Social,” and it’s being promoted on social media with the hashtag phrase #BeMobileWorkSocial. Thus far, the tour has traveled through numerous cities, and is on its way to several more in the coming weeks.

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