uses “cookies” that help us enhance the overall quality of our website.

What Are Cookies?

At the outset, we should let you know that the use of cookies is very common online. In fact, many, if not most, established websites use cookies.

With that said, you should know that a cookie is a small data file that is placed on your browser, computer, or device that contains information relating to your visit to a website.

A cookie essentially helps the website recall information about you for your current visiting session or for subsequent visits.

Session cookies are stored in your browser and remember information during your current browser session, until you close the browser.  Persistent cookies are stored on your computer or device and remember information for later browser sessions, until you delete the cookies or they expire.

Why Are Cookies Used?

Cookies are used in various ways to enhance a website.  For example, cookies are used for user authentication, remembering user settings, and for purposes relating to website analytics, performance, and security.

First-Party and Third-Party Cookies

In general, cookies may be delivered directly by websites (first-party cookies) or indirectly by third-party websites (third-party cookies). Third-party cookies can be delivered to visitors of a website via third-party content, applications, or ads running on the website.

Use of Cookies on this Website may use session and persistent cookies.  In addition, we may use first-party and third-cookies on our website.

For example, we may use first-party cookies that help with the way our website functions. In addition, our website may utilize the solutions (platforms, products, systems, services, etc.) of third-party providers that use cookies.

Therefore, when you visit our website, both first-party and third-party cookies may be set.

Read Our Privacy Policy

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It is your responsibility to periodically check our website for any changes to this page as well as changes to our Privacy Policy.