What hosting company does Suavington.com use to host this website?2021-03-16T11:50:22-04:00

Suavington.com uses Namecheap.com for website hosting. I have bought several domain names from Namecheap too.

I have been very satisfied with the company. So much so, that I am an affiliate for NameCheap.com.

If you are interested in using Namecheap (referral link) for domains or hosting, consider using our affiliate link, and for great deals at NameCheap, click the link below:

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Does this website contain affiliate links?2021-03-16T11:51:12-04:00

Yes.  Suavington.com contains affiliate links.

If you click an affiliate link on this website and then you subsequently make a purchase from a third party with whom Suavington has an affiliate relationship, Suavington may be paid a commission or referral fee.

What WordPress theme are you using on your site?2021-03-16T11:53:55-04:00

For a few years, this website used the Jupiter theme which is available on Theme Forest.  The website currently uses the Avada theme, also on Theme Forest.

What did you use to build your website?2021-03-16T11:54:31-04:00

I built this website using the WordPress content management system (CMS).  WordPress is an open-source CMS solution that uses template themes and plugins to control the design and functionality of sites.

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