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Steven Rangel is a professional who currently resides in New York City with his wife.

Solopreneurs, Get up to 92% off Domains!

For a limited time, solopreneurs can get the remarkable deal of up to 92% off the cost of domain names at  The company is having a MASSIVE sale. So, if you are, indeed, a solopreneur and you have been thinking of scooping up a new domain name, you should act fast.

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Make a Bold Statement with a .Monster Domain Name

There is a new Top-Level Domain (TLD) extension, .Monster, that was recently launched by LLC ("XYZ").  Currently, the .Monster domain is in the sunrise phase.  The sunrise phase is the launch period, February 18th to March 20, 2019, that is reserved for registration by trademark holders.  After sunrise, the domain extension then enters the Early Access Period (EAP), March 21st to March 28, 2019. The EAP is a phase for priority registrations; meaning, you will pay a significantly higher price for the early registration of a .Monster domain.

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13 WordPress Plugins for Displaying Content in a Grid Layout

In this blog post, I discuss 13 WordPress plugins that enable you to create grid layouts on your website.  A grid layout is a sleek and modern way to display content.  Before I get to my awesome list, let me briefly discuss the types of grids.

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Google’s New Domain Extension, .Dev, Reached General Availability

The new general, Top-Level Domain (gTLD), .Dev, is a domain extension for those who want a developer- or technology-related domain name.  Google owns the .Dev gTLD, and domain names can be registered with that extension on Google Domains and at other domain registrars.

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Here is What Amazon Associates Can Earn in Advertising Fees

I recently applied to the Amazon Associates Program, and I am still familiarizing myself with all of the material on the Amazon Associates Central website for affiliates. One of the first things I wanted to figure out is how much money I can earn from advertising products on my website. Makes sense, right? Amazon does not pay its associates a flat commission percentage for all of its products.  Instead, the company pays its affiliates fees based on percentages that differ by product category.

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Applied to the Amazon Affiliate Program Today

Today, I applied to Amazon's affiliate program, called the "Amazon Associates Program."  I received an email indicating that my profile is now active. However, as I understand it, I now have an Associate account, but I am not fully an Associate yet.

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