Vlogging About My Push-Up Routine

Yesterday, I posted a new video on YouTube. The video is part of my vlogging series on Suavington’s channel. In the video, vlog episode #3, I talk about one of my favorite exercises: push-ups! I explain in the vlog that I recently kicked off my personal workout program by doing several sets of push-ups. I also discuss why I like to a high number of sets and reps throughout the day.

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Vlog Episode on Getting Fit Fast

Over the next couple of months, I plan to transform my body. I need to lose some weight--and get rid of my unwanted belly fat. I plan to vlog about my progress in upcoming vlog episodes. In this episode, I explain that the right mental state, cognizance of energy, high-repetition and high-set workouts, and adequate rest have been the key for me.

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First Vlog Episode on YouTube

I have wanted to vlog for a long time, but I never got around to doing it. I decided that I had put it off too long, and just started recording myself on video. I am excited about being able to express myself on video and chronicle some of my life. Well, in this first vlog episode, I am vlogging in New York City. You will see me cook an Ethiopian dish for my wife, share how I spent the day with her, and I talk about my wanting to vlog about, among other things, tech and fitness (my fitness journey).

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