Vlogging About My Push-Up Routine

Yesterday, I posted a new video on YouTube.  The video is part of the vlogging series on Suavington’s YouTube channel.

In the video, vlog episode #3, I talk about one of my favorite exercises: push-ups!  I explain in the vlog that I recently kicked off my personal workout program by doing several sets of push-ups.  I also discuss why I like to a high number of sets and reps throughout the day.

As many know, push-ups are a great exercise developing upper-body muscles.  When I do push-up exercises, I see a quick transformation.  My chest, arms, and shoulders get bigger and more defined rather quickly after doing numerous sets of push-ups.

It is worth noting, that push-ups are a good barometer for gauging your endurance and strength levels.  Indeed, I will know that I am getting stronger as I increase the number of sets and reps of push-ups over the next several weeks.

I hope to vlog about my improvement in upcoming video blog episodes.


Steven Rangel

Steven Rangel is a professional who currently resides in New York City with his wife.

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