Bold and Delightful Wooden Bow Ties

Bow ties of the wooden variety are sprouting up around the world and enjoying a splinter of the fashion limelight. While wooden bow ties might evoke a love- or hate-it reaction, the style is certainly “trending”—and possibly settling its roots for the long haul. Indeed, people seem to love them.

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Gentlemen, It’s Okay to Don Pre-Tied Bow Ties

I love wearing bow ties, and I’ve been sporting them long before their resurgence in popularity. In fact, over the years, I’ve worn both pre-tied and regular bow ties. I was always keenly aware that some gentlemen deride pre-tied bow ties. In my opinion, however, a news flash is in order for some of the modernity-challenged gentlemen out there.

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6 Ways the Magnetism of Red Affects Us

The iconic fashion designer Bill Blass famously opined “when in doubt wear red.” That logic especially makes sense if you are the type who is confident and competitive—and you want to be liked. After all, red is the color of energy, dominance, desire, and attraction.

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