Bold and Delightful Wooden Bow Ties

Wooden Bow Ties

Bow ties of the wooden variety are sprouting up around the world and enjoying a splinter of the fashion limelight.

While wooden bow ties might evoke a love- or hate-it reaction in some, the style has become trendy and might be settling its roots.

Indeed, the ties seem to be growing in popularity.

Wooden bow ties are featured in photo shoots, they’re in shops, and the ties seem to be a hit among fashion-savvy millennials–who might ensure the longevity of the wooden bow tie.

It’s easy to understand why many men like wooden bow ties.  This type of tie is undeniably masculine, modern, and bold.

There is something about the combination of wood and cloth that I find appealing.

I appreciate how the durability of the symmetric wooden bows compliments the refinement of the modest, yet alluring, fabric knot.

Moreover, the extended wooden bows are bold, while the centerpiece [usually cloth, but I’ve seen twine, leather, and wood] is often eye-catching yet modestly charming. In addition, wooden bow ties can be festive, whimsical, and fun.

As a consequence, the wearer of a wooden bow tie might be viewed as dashing, daring, and delightful.

Speaking of delight, I was happy to connect on Twitter with a brand in Europe that makes wooden bow ties.

Humus Woodwork — A Maker of Wooden Products

Humus Woodwork (Humus), a woodworking brand in Spain, makes various wooden products, including a wide assortment of wonderful wooden bow ties.

The bow ties come in light and dark wood, along with a variety of fabric centerpieces.  It is worth noting that Humus’ wooden bow ties were part of a collection featured at the Madrid Fashion Show.

Take a look at the ties in the main image above [individual photos are courtesy of Humus] and the embedded images below from Humus’ public profile on Instagram.

The bow ties look marvelous.

A photo posted by Humus (@mihumus) on


A photo posted by Humus (@mihumus) on

Humus is in the process of launching its website, but you can find the brand on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook.

In addition, if you are interested in learning more about woodworking, you can check out Humus’ upcoming how-to videos on YouTube.

If you appreciate Humus’ craftsmanship, kindly take a moment to let the brand know, and help spread the word about Humus.

Visit the social profiles, linked above, and use the share, comment, and follow features to let Humus know you like its woodwork.

Steven Rangel

Steven Rangel is a professional who currently resides in New York City with his wife.

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