Big Changes for DC Metrorail System

The Metrorail service in the national capital area is beneficial to the region when the train rides are affordable, reliable, and safeā€”the latter obviously is absolutely crucial. However, there has been criticism over service breakdowns, delays, and safety issues. In fact, safety lapses have led to a major change regarding how authorities will work to keep the rail service safe.

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Tour Introduces New ‘Urban Microcar’

A series of local events are being held across the U.S. to introduce a newly-styled "urban microcar." The car brand, smart (brand uses all lower case letters) is on a national tour that presents its all-new 2016 smart fortwo (words are intentionally combined) model lineup to locals in several major cities.

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CloudFlare Reached a Major Milestone

There are 7 trillion reasons why CloudFlare deserves the celebratory spotlight. CloudFlare is a popular content delivery network that works in various ways to enhance the performance and security of millions of websites. On Sunday, September 27, 2015, CloudFlare reached its 5th birthday. The week before, CloudFlare celebrated the milestone by convening a summit and throwing a party.

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