Google Cloud Spin Demo at Google Developer Group Event

Earlier this week, I was fortunate to be able to take part in an exciting technology demonstration. I attended a Google Developer Group (GDG-DC) event that included an overview of the Google Cloud Platform—a platform for developing applications and websites. The event featured an interactive demonstration of the Google Cloud Spin application which runs on the platform.

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It’s Time to Get Fit Again with Calisthenic Exercises

A couple of years ago, I could easily do more than 35 consecutive pull-ups with proper form and without resting. My push-up game was on point too. I was well over 40 years old, and I felt more than strong—I truly felt physically powerful. Actually, I was. Currently--not so much.

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Gentlemen, It’s Okay to Don Pre-Tied Bow Ties

I love wearing bow ties, and I’ve been sporting them long before their resurgence in popularity. In fact, over the years, I’ve worn both pre-tied and regular bow ties. I was always keenly aware that some gentlemen deride pre-tied bow ties. In my opinion, however, a news flash is in order for some of the modernity-challenged gentlemen out there.

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