My Fat-Blasting Diet for Fast Weight Loss

Lose fat diet

Are you interested in fast weight loss? Well, I’d like to divulge my personal fat-incinerating diet for losing weight fast.

I should note that people have marveled at how I can transform my body so quickly. I have been known to both bulk up and shed pounds whenever I want.

When asked about my diet, I usually don’t go into detail. However, I would like to share specifically what works best for me. So, here are the 8 things that I consume to obliterate my unwanted body fat—and lose weight fast:

1. Egg Whites, Turkey, Chicken, Yogurt, and Cottage Cheese

I make sure to eat a lot of protein throughout the day, because a high-protein diet helps reduce body fat. Chicken, turkey and egg whites are the staple of my diet. Lean grilled chicken and baked turkey are great sources of protein.

I also eat a lot of Greek yogurt and low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese. I eat whole-egg substitute products. However, plain liquid egg whites are one of my favorite sources of protein, because they contain very few calories—and no fat or cholesterol.

Quick Tip: Buy Tyson’s Grilled Chicken. Use Greek yogurt to make tasty dips and sauces. I often add mustard, honey, ketchup, or hot sauce.

2. Spinach, Kale, Greens, Okra, and Cabbage

I like to balance my protein-heavy meals with green leafy vegetables, because they are jam packed with nutrients. I tend to prefer the pre-washed bags of spinach and kale found in most popular supermarkets.

Okra and Brussels sprouts are two other vegetables that I really like to eat. Cabbage is also great for losing weight. There are lots of recipes online for cabbage soups and dishes.

Quick Tip: Make a big pot of spicy cabbage soup, and eat it throughout the week.

3. Apples, Blueberries, and Watermelon

I generally don’t eat a lot of fruit. However, apples are a staple of my diet. They are full of fiber and they make you feel full. In addition, apples give me an energy boost. An added benefit is that apples have negative calories. That means the fruit contains less calories in it than those the body burns to digest the fruit. Blueberries are full of antioxidants and the fruit is known to be a belly-fat buster.

I also like to eat blackberries and strawberries. Watermelon is comprised mostly of water and does not contain a lot of calories. In addition to helping keep you hydrated, watermelon makes you feel full—so you’ll eat less throughout the day.

Quick Tip: Buy plastic lunch bags and lots of apples. Always take a bagged apple with you when you head out of the house. When you get hungry you can snack on the apple instead of making an excuse and buying something unhealthy while you are out.

4. Rough Grains

Do not make the mistake of eliminating carbohydrates from your diet. Your body needs carbohydrates for fuel, and they are important for proper brain function. As a rule, stay away from white starchy carbohydrates. What you want to eat are very rough grains.

You can actually lose more fat by including good carbohydrates in your diet. I recommend Wasa which is a high-fiber rough cracker.

Quick Tip: Buy Wasa crackers (the dark wafers are the best). Spread cottage cheese over the craker’s large surface space. Slice and add tomatoes. Sprinkle ground red pepper on hot sauce or it.

5. Muscle-Building Supplements

I like to supplement the aforementioned protein intake by also drinking protein shakes that contain extra branch chain amino acids. You can also just buy amino acids alone. The extra protein and amino acids help facilitate muscle growth. While some of the protein powders out there contain fat, many include good, essential fatty acids.

Quick Tip: Protein powders can be very expensive. Walmart has some great deals on protein powders. If you can’t fit these pricey powders into your budget, here’s an alternative. Buy pasteurized egg whites and mix in berries or sugar-free flavoring.

6. Coffee and Tea

I am convinced that coffee helps speed up my metabolism. It motivates me to workout, and it also suppresses my appetite throughout the day. I drink coffee in the morning and in the evening. I occasionally drink tea, which is a great source of antioxidants. In addition, tea helps with food digestion.

Quick Tip: Buy the individual packets of coffee, because they are great to take when you are on the go. You can make a big batch of sugar-free iced-coffee or ice tea, and drink it in lieu of caffeinated soda.

7. Vitamin C and B-Complex

Vitamin C is essential to a healthy diet, and it is known for reducing the accumulation of body fat. I usually take vitamin C tablets every day. In addition, I periodically drink Emergen-C which contains 1,000 mg of vitamin C as well as vitamin B and electrolytes.

Quick Tip: Vitamins can be expensive. You can buy them at the dollar store, and you’ll save a lot of money. Keep the vitamins in your bag. That way, if you forget to take them in the morning you have them right with you.

8. Water, and More Water

Drinking a lot of water is absolutely essential to losing body fat and staying healthy. Water assists in metabolism and helps rid fat and toxins from the body.

Quick Tip: Add fresh lemon or lime juice to your water to make it taste better. You can even keep a small plastic bottle of concentrated lemon or lime juice (and a sugar substitute) in your bag, so you can make a citrus-flavored drink when you are away from the house.

I should point out that I do calisthenics and weight training while following this this diet plan, hence the extra protein. In addition, I often eat multiple smaller meals throughout the day to facilitate very fast weight loss.

Steven Rangel

Steven Rangel is a professional who currently resides in New York City with his wife.

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