Copper Wall

f you have ever found the time to pause and study the sky for a moment, you likely had a fleeting feeling of insignificance and a sense of awe.  The sun, moon, planets, stars, and the vastness of the sky can be humbling.  To further put your life into perspective, consider the equally awe-inspiring vastness of the microscopic universe.  It is difficult to even imagine that strange universe and its innumerable invisible inhabitants.  As we marvel at the universe’s beauty

Yellow Flowers

umans and flowers have co-evolved for thousands of years.  To understand how and why flowers are so important to us, let’s delve into their true nature…

The Dominion of Plants

Scientists have recently estimated that the total number of all species is now approximately 8.7 million, but we have yet to scratch the surface when it comes to discovering other species of plants and animals.  

Red Sculpture

he iconic fashion designer Bill Blass famously opined “when in doubt wear red.”

That logic especially makes sense if you are the type who is confident and competitive—and you want to be liked.

After all, red is the color of energy, dominance, desire, and attraction.

It is a bold and warm color.  In the color spectrum, warm colors have a longer wavelength, so they stimulate

Pink Flamingos

Flamingos are intriguing creatures.  The communal birds live in massive colonies that typically range from tens-of-thousands of birds to hundreds-of-thousands.  There have even been reports of flamingo colonies with millions of birds.

Flamingos are known for being very gregarious, and they dazzle spectators with graceful movement and poised stature. And while there are scientific explanations as to why they habitually stand on one leg, it’s almost as if these aristocratic birds are posing for the paparazzi.

Watch a documentary or

Sleepy Hollow

he new television series Sleepy Hollow by the Fox Broadcasting Company is based on a short story about a headless horseman entitled “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” by Washington Irving.

While the notion of a headless horseman may seem far fetched, there is something about the folk tale that is obviously compelling.  Since Irving published the story in 1820, the legend has endured with numerous television and movie adaptations.

Fox’s new show had a great debut.