uavington is a lifestyle blog focusing on culture, nature, art, and our technological society.  You might be wondering about the name of this site.  Well, the name Suavington is a merger of the word “Suave” and the name “Washington.”

The suave part signifies smoothness and sophistication, while Washington, the surname of America’s forefather and the current seat of political power, symbolizes the exercise of influence.  Thus, Suavington refers to a gentleman or lady who smoothly wields influence and power within a particular sphere with sophistication and distinction.

This is a place of expression concerning a wide-range of issues relating to culture, nature, art, technology, and society.  The goal is to balance the content on this site.  Some of the blog and video posts will examine important substantive issues, while some—perhaps many—posts will focus on lighthearted, offbeat, and contemporary themes.